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4,778 m²
The property was originally used for a kapenta business. There is a servitude with MOK for a pipe to the sewage works., and fencing along one side of the property.
The infrastructure on the property includes a cement slip way launch site which is well built but the water does not reach it anymore.
The main building structure is an open sided shed measuring 30m x 10m. Asbestos over concrete floor. The roof is made with wood trusses and recently had new facia boards fitted, and prepaid single phase power at this structure. The office and 3 other storerooms/workshops under this shed are prefab. Large well maintained with a caretaker living on site for security.
There is a second structure which is on the next level down measuring 8m x 12.5m. This houses 2 large cold room units. They used FRION 22. This also has a prepaid power metre which is 3 phase.
There is a small ablution facility housing a shower and 2 toilets. This is also a prefab structure.


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